Entrust us with the sale of your property

We will not tolerate commitments. We believe that successful trading can be done quickly and efficiently to the full satisfaction of the client. Our goal is sales and rentals, not long-lasting contractual relationships without results.
Cooperation without unnecessary commitments
We usually conclude a one-month contract with clients. With a well-chosen price and the correct presentation of the property, we will be able to secure the interested party within the first week. In Brno often even faster.
Exclusive services for Sellers
We will arrange for Your property to be in the first place in the entire region or district on the Sreality.cz website. Within the city of Brno, this service has a reach of up to 25,000 impressions in a single day. Completely free.
We will arrange all formalities
Within the cooperation with the law firm, we will ensure the drafting of all contracts, lawyer custody, verification of signatures free of charge.
We have proven know-how
All our brokers are trained and do what they do well. We cannot afford trial-and-fail work.
We work with commitment
Every day we do everything to do a good job and have satisfied clients behind us.
We are from Brno
Perfect knowledge of this region is a matter of course for us and that is why we will be happy to come to you anywhere in the region.

Selling your property step by step

  1. We will meet you during a tour of the offered property and talk about the conditions of the sale
  2. We will make a price estimate of the property and tell you the real market price
  3. We will sign the contract without unnecessary obligations
  4. We will take a professional photo of the whole property with Mr. Zachoval, best rated photograph in Brno
  5. We are preparing an internet presentation of your property, which we will publish on the Sreality.cz server, the largest real estate portal in the Czech Republic, and other websites.
  6. As soon as we secure those interested in the property, we will arrange all formalities, including legal services
  7. If you are satisfied with the cooperation and leave us a positive evaluation, you will receive a CZK 5,000 bonus from us.

Entrust us with the sale of your property

Reviews of our satisfied clients

Libor Sloupenský
Libor Sloupenský
Date: 23.6.2021, transaction type: sale of an apartment in Brno město

“Great cooperation and professional approach, even in complicated moments wehn everything is not going according to the pla. I can recommend Mr. Malý.”
Dorota Anderlová
Dorota Anderlová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: purchase of a garage in Brno město

“Thank to Mr. Malý for a nice, helpful and professional approach.”
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno město

“The company has a concise name: Reliable Real Estate, Ltd. Professionaly skilled, fast and helpful. In my own experience, I can highly recommend It.”
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Date: 28.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for your cooperation and help. We were satisfied. We can recommend the real easte and agent Mr. Maly”.
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for the great cooperation in reting the apartment, which I used many times. Mr. Maly´s approach was professional and I can only recommend the real estate firm.”
Tomas Weisz
Tomas Weisz
Date: 11.2.2020, transaction type: purchase and a rent of an apartments in Brno město

"I´ve been cooperating with Mr. Maly for three years now to my complete satisfaction."