Want to buy a property in Brno? Let Us to help You  

As a real estate agency, We know that it is not easy for foreigners to buy real estate in the Czech Republic, so in Brno. If most real estate agencies worked similarly to us, you would not read the content on our website. Buying a property as a foreigner and not running into fraudsters is the key to success. Therefore, for you as a buyer, we offer the service of a Buyer's Representative, as is the case in the West. As part of this service, we will arrange for you everything that the real estate business entails and at a significantly lower price than is common on the market.


We will inspect property

We will check the condition of the property you want to buy for you. We will find out whether there are any actual defects on the property, ie something that the seller or another real estate agency could keep from you. The apartment has, for example, the condition of the electrical installation, finding out the type of core condition in older apartment buildings, possible leaks into the apartment or humidity. Of course, we will also check whether there are no legal defects in the real estate, such as foreclosure, sale order, lien, whether the sale includes all shares in the house and land and other essential information. This is not a standard, this is an above-standard that We offer you.


What We offer

The following services are included in our commission. Preparation of a reservation contract, future purchase contract or straightforward purchase contract, attorney custody agreement and the actual implementation of attorney custody, incl. insurance of the deposited amount, it is also about communication with the real estate cadastre, housing association or SVJ, real estate transfer, assistance, energy transfer. All this for one price.



Are you dealing with a mortgage? We will be happy to compare all the offers of banks on the market for you and you will choose the most advantageous variant for you. Then it's all up to us, you don't have to worry about anything and you don't have any administration.

Buy ​​your new property step by step

  1. We will inspect the property
  2. If you decide for a property, we will sign a contract between us
  3. Subsequently, we will prepare all contracts or, if necessary, check them
  4. We will conclude contracts in the real estate agency, where It weill be managed the entire course of the business
  5. As soon as the real estate is transferred to the real estate cadastre, it will be taken over
  6. We will arrange energy transcription and everything that will be needed
  7. You will be satisfied and living in your dream property. In case of questions we are at your disposal at any time
  8. Do you want to rent a property? No problem, we will take care of everything. Completely free

Want to buy a property in Brno? Let Us to hepl You 

Reviews of our satisfied clients

Libor Sloupenský
Libor Sloupenský
Date: 23.6.2021, transaction type: sale of an apartment in Brno město

“Great cooperation and professional approach, even in complicated moments wehn everything is not going according to the pla. I can recommend Mr. Malý.”
Dorota Anderlová
Dorota Anderlová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: purchase of a garage in Brno město

“Thank to Mr. Malý for a nice, helpful and professional approach.”
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno město

“The company has a concise name: Reliable Real Estate, Ltd. Professionaly skilled, fast and helpful. In my own experience, I can highly recommend It.”
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Date: 28.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for your cooperation and help. We were satisfied. We can recommend the real easte and agent Mr. Maly”.
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for the great cooperation in reting the apartment, which I used many times. Mr. Maly´s approach was professional and I can only recommend the real estate firm.”
Tomas Weisz
Tomas Weisz
Date: 11.2.2020, transaction type: purchase and a rent of an apartments in Brno město

"I´ve been cooperating with Mr. Maly for three years now to my complete satisfaction."