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We do real estate business differently
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We do real estate business differently

When trading in real estate, we tried the corporate environment and freelance work. Only in our own real estate with a simple corporate structure we could fulfill the dream of fair services for everyone. Among the main advantages of Reliable Realty, we mainly count the possibility of applying ours own values, led by quality, which always takes precedence over quantity.

Hand on It
We approach as gentlemen
We represent both parties involved in the trade. We are not only on the side of the buyer who pays the commission, but also on the side of the seller. Our goal is satisfied clients.
We do more for clients
Based on exclusive cooperation, we can offer sellers professional real estate photography by a photographer with many years of experience in real estate photography, for older real estate providing 3D visualization or video, which means graphic design of what the property can look like after reconstruction, or the possibility of property tours on weekends and holidays.
The client comes first
We are in contact with the client and we communicate throughout the cooperation. If the client contacts us with a question or request after the completion of the transaction, we will always be happy to help.
We estimate the market price free of charge
According to some basic information, we will be happy to recommend a suitable price for which we will help you sell the property. An incorrectly determined sale price can unnecessarily prolong the sale of the property, complicate it and, as a result, may sell below cost.
Zedníci z Brna
As a real estate agency, We know that it is not easy for foreigners to buy real estate in the Czech Republic, so in Brno. If most real estate agencies worked similarly to us, you would not read the content on our website. Buying a property as a foreigner and not running into fraudsters is the key to success. Therefore, for you as a buyer, we offer the service of a Buyer's Representative, as is the case in the West Europe. As part of this service, we will arrange for you everything that the real estate business entails.

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On our blog you will find new articles related to mortgage loans, inflation, investment properties, renovations and other interesting topics. Here you will also learn all the behind-the-scenes details of selling and renting real estate. Link to our Czech page: https://www.spolehliva-realitka.cz/blog

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Reviews of our satisfied clients

Ing. Jan Dobrovolný
Ing. Jan Dobrovolný
Date: 17.1.2022, transaction type: a purchase of an apartment in Brno město 

"We bought an apartment and I can only recommend Reliable Realty. Negotiations were accommodating, everything went smoothly. Mr. Malý is a professional, he knows legal matters and can arrange everything quickly and willingly. Very good approach. "
Mgr. Jan Vyhnánek
Mgr. Jan Vyhnánek
Date: 26.9.2021, transaction type: a sale of an apartment in Brno město

"I would define cooperation with this agency as very efficient and accommodating. When there was a problem during the sale of the apartment, Mr. Maly reacted quickly and brought everything to a successful end to the satisfaction of both parties. Fair agency, which is not hiding anything."​
Michael Juras
Michael Juras
Date: 23.1.2022, transaction type: a sale of an apartment in Brno město 

"I chose Reliable Realty for the sale of my apartment based on reviews that really did not go. Mr. Malý solves everything willingly and reliably and if necessary I know where to turn. I can only recommend."
Michal Staněk
Michal Staněk
Date: 19.10.2021, transaction type: a sale of an apartment in Brno město 

"I was very satisfied with the cooperation with the real estate agency. Everything went quickly and without any problems during the sale. I can evaluate Mr. Malý's approach as very helpful and professional. I can only recommend this real estate agency."​
Radim Ouředník - Veritably s.r.o.
Radim Ouředník - Veritably s.r.o.
Date: 29.1.2022, transaction type: a sale of a house in Brno město 

"I work as a real estate agent since 03/1998 - I met the real estate agent Jan Malý at the end of 2021 for a first time, my client and I were on the buyer side very pleased with his personal approach, professional knowledge and business skills - such people as Mr. Maly, is needed in our field. Radim Ouředník, from a company of Veritably s.r.o."

Libor Sloupenský
Libor Sloupenský
Date: 23.6.2021, transaction type: sale of an apartment in Brno město

“Great cooperation and professional approach, even in complicated moments wehn everything is not going according to the pla. I can recommend Mr. Malý.”
Dorota Anderlová
Dorota Anderlová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: purchase of a garage in Brno město

“Thank to Mr. Malý for a nice, helpful and professional approach.”
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
doc. Ing. Anna Fedorova, CSc.
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno město

“The company has a concise name: Reliable Real Estate, Ltd. Professionaly skilled, fast and helpful. In my own experience, I can highly recommend It.”
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Ing. Petr Dohnal
Date: 28.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for your cooperation and help. We were satisfied. We can recommend the real easte and agent Mr. Maly”.
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Mgr. Libuše Tesařová
Date: 29.6.2021, transaction type: a rent of an apartment in Brno venkov

“Thank You for the great cooperation in reting the apartment, which I used many times. Mr. Maly´s approach was professional and I can only recommend the real estate firm.”
Tomas Weisz
Tomas Weisz
Date: 11.2.2020, transaction type: purchase and a rent of an apartments in Brno město

"I´ve been cooperating with Mr. Maly for three years now to my complete satisfaction."
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